Challenges With 嵌入式开发

开发ing embedded systems is challenging.

Many embedded software 和 hardware development teams have strict compliance requirements. They need to demonstrate compliance with a 编码标准 为了支持 功能安全标准.

他们还需要展示自己 可追溯性的要求 to source code to tests to bugs to bug resolution. 

另外, 硬件和软件团队 work on increasingly complex codebases 和 repositories. They need to be able to collaborate effectively — 和 that requires a single source of truth.

处理这一切是很棘手的. Unless you have the right embedded development tools.

Image Solution 嵌入式系统 Digital Assets

嵌入式开发工具 From 365游戏网

365游戏网 helps you solve complex development challenges. Our solutions help you tackle challenges like:


365游戏网 静态分析程序 make compliance easier for embedded development teams 和 improve overall quality.

Static code analysis tools find potential vulnerabilities in code, as you code. And, 365游戏网 offers two of the best static code analyzers — 螺旋QAC 和 Klocwork.

These tools make sure that your code complies with 编码标准s, such as MISRA. They're even certified for 功能安全标准s. And they ensure that your code is safe, 安全, 和可靠的.

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一定的 ALM工具 IPLM工具 help embedded development teams achieve traceability across project lifecycles.

ALM工具s help you manage requirements, tests, 和 issues. And 一定的 tool — 螺旋ALM — provides end-to-end traceability. It even automatically generates a trace matrix.

IPLM工具s help you manage IP 和 design assets. 一定的 tool — 有条理的IPLM — exp和s 可追溯性的要求 through design 和 verification. It creates a single source of truth for IPs.

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365游戏网 版本控制 IPLM平台 accelerate embedded development 和 increase IP reuse.

螺旋核心 enables you to manage source code, 大的二进制文件, 和 digital assets in a single repository. 这提高了 collaboration between 硬件和软件团队.

有条理的IPLM helps you manage rapidly growing complexity in SoC design. It enables IP reuse, help you accelerate time-to-market even as design data sizes increase. 

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Why NVIDIA Trusts 365游戏网 嵌入式开发工具

NVIDIA counts on 365游戏网 for a single source of truth across development. 看看这个视频,看看为什么.

开始重用ip & 减少周期

By eliminating the time wasted searching for assets.



质量 is critical in embedded code.

That’s why many embedded developers are required to use a 编码标准. Using a 编码标准 improves product quality.

A common example is MISRA, an embedded C 和 C++ 编码标准. It includes coding rules that developers — particularly in the embedded industry — need to comply with. And using a static code analyzer makes it easy to comply with C 和 C++ 编码标准s.

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螺旋QACKlocwork automatically verify that the code is compliant, 和 identifies potential defects 和 vulnerabilities — ensuring that code is high quality, 安全, 和可靠的.


Managing Embedded System Requirements & 嵌入式测试

End-to-end traceability across embedded development.


可追溯性 across product lifecycles is important, especially when it comes to proving compliance. Tracking 和 linking all changes, requirements, 和 tests is key to effective traceability.

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Embedded systems requirements include functional safety requirements. 这个行业的公司包括 汽车、 航空航天、 医疗设备. Within these companies, there’s no room for error when it comes to functional safety. 生命处于危险之中.

Embedded testing verifies that these requirements were met. Tracking tests 和 documenting results is typically required for compliance.

螺旋ALM creates end-to-end traceability for you. You’ll easily track requirements, tests, 和 their results. You’ll know when compliance requirements are met. And the tool will take care of the documentation for compliance for you.


停止搜索. Get everything you need in one place.

螺旋核心 和 有条理的IPLM together help you manage your increasingly complex codebase, allowing teams to more easily find 和 reuse IP.

螺旋核心 manages all of the design data, Cadence libraries, CAD files, simulations, 和 工件 are 安全ly in one single source of truth.

有条理的IPLM ensures complete visibility into the state 和 usage of IP from the moment it enters the system until an SoC is delivered. It also manages the IP bill of materials (BoM) across your organization.

联合解决方案 使设计更有效率, 可预测的, 和更高的质量, helping you meet time-to-market dem和s. 

这就是为什么 9 of the top 10 embedded systems companies 使用螺旋核心和有条理的IPLM.

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