1. 概述

一定的软件公司. 特拉华州的公司, 为了自己的利益, 并代表每个子公司(统称), “365游戏网,” “we,” “us,” or “our”) is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy.

We have developed this privacy policy (the “Policy”) to provide you with information on how we collect personal information from you, 我们做什么-不做什么-与您的个人信息, and what your rights are with respect to such personal information provided to us.  这适用于我们在网站(www.365游戏网.com)(“网站”)和离线.

For the purposes of applicable data protection legislation (including Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (the “GDPR”)  365游戏网 is a data controller in respect of the personal information that we collect or obtain about you.

2. 我们收集的信息以及我们如何收集

Personal information (or “personal data”) is any information that can identify you, 直接或间接.  We process different types of personal information (例如, 你的名字, 公司名称, 电子邮件地址, 家庭或工作地址, 和/或电话号码). 

Most personal information that we process is collected from you 直接 如:

  • 当您订阅我们的邮件列表和公司通讯时,您的姓名和联系信息;
  • information you provide when interacting with our Public Depot, 知识库, 用户列表, 和网络日志,或者当报告网站问题时
  • 任何服务请求的详细信息,例如客户支持, 技术支持, 互动演示, 培训, 和咨询;
  • 和你通信;
  • 在任何证明文件中提交的信息, 评论, or other feedback message on a blog or other public-forum hosted on the 网络site; and
  • 你用来连接到互联网和浏览网站的设备的互联网协议(或“IP”)地址.

While you are under no obligation to provide such information, 如果您不提供某些信息,我们不能保证我们能为您提供服务.  例如, we may be unable to provide customer support in the event that relevant information related to the use of our products or services is withheld. 

我们可能会收集您的个人信息 间接, 例如 through third party public sources such as LinkedIn or the website of your company or the company that you work for.  Also note that personal information that you provide on our 网络site may be combined with information collected off-line or from third parties. 

We collect data that cannot be used to specifically identify you individually, 但这能让我们了解谁在访问我们的网站.  Examples of this include details of your visits to our 网络site, 例如交通数据, 位置数据, IP地址, 您可以访问的资源, 以及其他通信数据.

我们可能会从与您有关客户支持的某些通信中删除个人信息, 和/或从此类通信中获得的信息, 供统计及/或参考及培训之用.

3. 我们为什么处理您的个人信息

We will only use your personal information for the purposes for which we collected it.  这些目的包括:

  • Fulfilling orders and requests for products, services, or information;
  • Entering into our End User Agreement with you (whether with you individually or on behalf of the company that you work for) and performing our obligations under it;
  • Identifying you on our 网络site in order to customize your experience;
  • Ensuring content from our 网络site is presented in the most effective manner;
  • Providing you with promotional materials and advertising our products and services;
  • 进行研究和分析;
  • 解决纠纷和疑难解答;
  • Preventing potentially fraudulent, prohibited or illegal activities;
  • 当您选择时,允许您参与我们服务的互动功能;
  • Notifying you about changes to our services; and
  • 履行法律规定的义务.

If we need to use your personal information for any other purpose, we will notify you and explain the legal basis that allows us to do so.

We process your personal information on the basis that it is necessary:

  • for the performance of any contract that we enter with you or to take steps at your request prior to entering into a contract;
  • for the purposes of our legitimate interests in ensuring that we provide you with the best service possible in all our interactions with you, which includes providing you with information about products or services that are in line with your interests; and
  • for compliance with any legal obligation to which we are subject, 例如, 如果监管机构要求我们向他们披露信息.

如有需要,我们将在征得您的同意后,向您发送直接营销电子邮件.  请注意,您可以在任何时候通过点击每封邮件中包含的取消订阅链接来撤回您的同意, 或者写信给 (电子邮件保护).  这不会影响在您撤回之前根据您的同意所进行的任何处理的合法性.

4. 与第三方共享您的个人信息

We do not sell, rent, or lease our customer lists to third parties.  We occasionally hire other third parties to provide services on our behalf, 如我们产品的合作伙伴和分销商.  We require such third parties to maintain the confidentiality of any personal information processed by them and they are prohibited from using it for any purpose other than to deliver the services.  

Some of our products and services are co-branded and offered in conjunction with products developed by other third party companies.  这可能发生, 例如, 在什么情况下,我们开发的软件被第三方打包销售,并与他们自己的软件相辅相成.  We may share with those third parties such personal information collected in conjunction with the co-branded products and services.


  • 我们的母公司, 365游戏网中间控股公司, 有限责任公司, 以及它控制的附属公司和子公司, 以支持我们为您提供的服务.
  • Companies that 365游戏网 plans to merge with or be acquired by, or, 在任何破产的情况下, 破产财产.  这样的组合会发生吗, 我们将要求新合并的实体, 或者收购实体, follow this Policy with respect to your personal information.  If your personal information is intended to be used contrary to this Policy, 您将提前收到通知,并有机会交流您的偏好, 如果适用的话.
  • 执法, 政府官员, or other third parties (i) if 365游戏网 is compelled to do so by law, 如在传票或法庭命令下, (ii) when it is necessary to do so to comply with applicable laws, (iii)为防止人身伤害或经济损失,披露个人信息是合理必要的, (四)举报涉嫌违法行为, (v) to investigate violations of the 365游戏网 End User License Agreement, 或者(vi)法律另有规定的.

6. 保留和删除个人信息

我们只会在必要的时候根据我们的数据保留程序保留数据.  We will retain your personal information if you are a customer for as long as is needed to manage any account held with us and for a maximum of six (6) years thereafter.

如果您是潜在客户,我们将保留您的个人信息(例如, if you have inquired about our products and services) or have joined our marketing list for a maximum of three (3) years from our first communication with you unless you request otherwise (as described under “你的隐私权利”下面).

7. 我们将您的个人信息存储在哪里

We are based in the United States but also have servers located in Australia, 英国和比利时.  我们从您那里收集的数据, regardless of where you are located may therefore be transferred to, 并存储在, locations both inside and outside the European Economic Area (“EEA”).

We take appropriate steps to ensure that the personal information we collect under this Policy is processed according to the provisions of this Policy and the requirements of applicable law no matter where the data is stored.  When we transfer your personal data outside the EEA we will take all steps reasonably necessary to ensure that any such transfer is made securely and that there is adequate protection in place in order to protect your personal data.

8. 使用cookies和其他网络技术

使用cookies和其他网络技术 are not covered in this Policy, but they are covered under our cookies policy located on our 饼干的政策.

9. 保护孩子的隐私

We are committed to protecting children's privacy on the internet.  我们不会在没有适当的父母或监护人同意的情况下,在知情的情况下收集儿童的个人信息.  If you believe that we may have collected personal information of a child (based on the applicable age of a 'child' in your country), 请透过“365游戏厅网址以及我们如何与您沟通“科和我们将我们将采取适当措施调查和迅速解决问题.

11. 遵守本政策和监管框架

我们定期审查我们是否遵守我们的政策.  如果我们收到正式的书面投诉, 我们会联络投诉人士跟进及调查此事.  我们与适当的监管当局合作, 包括地方数据保护机构, 解决我们无法直接与用户解决的任何有关个人信息转让的投诉.

If you are dissatisfied with our adherence to any aspect of this Policy, 或者我们的任何数据处理义务, you may make a complaint to a data protection supervisory authority.

12. 你的隐私权利


  • Request access to review the information that we hold about you;
  • 请我们纠正任何错误, 过时的信息, or omissions in the personal information that we hold about you;
  • Request that you are no longer sent marketing or promotional e-mails, 帖子, 电话, 或者移动营销传播;
  • Object to the processing of your personal information in certain circumstances;
  • 请求移动您的个人信息, 复制, or transferred to another data controller; and
  • Request that we delete your personal information but only in specific circumstances, 例如, 就最初收集个人资料的目的而言,该等个人资料已不再需要.

To exercise any of these rights, let us know by one of these methods:

  • 按照营销电子邮件中的指示去做, 直接邮件, or mobile communication that you receive from us; or
  • Provide your request and current contact information so that we can get back to you through one of the contact methods listed under "365游戏厅网址以及我们如何与您沟通“低于.


  • 为你的保护, we may need to verify your identity before implementing any request made to exercise your rights detailed above; and
  • 在某些情况下, we may not be able to entirely remove your content or personal information, in which case we will let you know if we are unable to do so and why.  例如, we may need to retain certain information for record-keeping purposes and/or to complete any transactions that you began prior to requesting such deletion.

13. 你的加州隐私权

根据1798节.83 of the California Civil Code (the California "Shine the Light" requirements), 加州居民有权向我们提出要求, with whom the California resident has an established business relationship, certain information with respect to the types of personal information we share with third parties for direct marketing purposes by such third party and the identities of the third parties with whom we have shared such information during the immediately preceding calendar year.  如果你是加州居民,发邮件请求 (电子邮件保护) 在邮件的主题栏和正文中写上“加州隐私信息请求”.  请在您的请求中指定您的请求所涉及的365游戏网公司, otherwise we will treat your request as pertaining to 365游戏网.  Please be aware that not all information sharing is covered by the California "Shine the Light" requirements and only information on covered sharing will be included in our response.

14. 365游戏厅网址以及我们如何与您沟通


如果您对我们的隐私惯例或本政策有任何疑问,请通过以下方式与我们联系 (电子邮件保护),致电+1,或写信至:



如果你在365游戏网有商业账户, we will communicate with you through the business account contact details.  对于所有其他, 如果您给我们提供联系方式, 我们将通过提供的细节与您联系.

16. 本政策之更改

我们可不时编辑或修订本政策,在这种情况下,我们将在我们的网站上公布修订后的版本.  如果我们处理您的个人信息的目的与获取信息的目的不同,我们将会通知您.

17. 接受本保单

You should read this Policy carefully to ensure that you are happy with its contents. 如果您不同意本政策,您应避免使用我们的网站和产品. 在被告知本政策(或“本政策”中描述的任何变更)后继续使用我们的网站和产品。本政策之更改”) implies acceptance of the information contained in this Policy.



作为任何招聘过程的一部分, 365游戏网 软件 (365游戏网)收集及处理与求职者有关的个人资料. 我们承诺对收集和使用这些数据的方式保持透明,并履行我们的数据保护义务.

  1. 365游戏网收集了哪些信息? 

365游戏网收集了一系列关于你的信息. 这包括:


  • details of your qualifications, skills, experience and employment history;
  • 你目前的薪酬水平,包括福利待遇;
  • whether or not you have a disability for which we need to make reasonable adjustments and/or accommodations during the recruitment process; and
  • 关于你在你申请就业的国家工作的权利的信息.

我们可以通过多种方式收集这些信息. 例如, 申请表格内可能载有资料, 简历或履历, 从您的护照或其他身份证明文件中取得, or collected through interviews or other forms of assessment.

365游戏网 may also collect personal data about you from third parties, 比如前雇主提供的推荐信.  We will seek information from third parties only once a job offer to you has been made and will inform you that we are doing so. 数据将被存储在一系列不同的地方, including our Applicant Tracking System (ATS) on IT systems (including email), 还有硬拷贝.

  1. 为什么365游戏网要处理个人数据?

365游戏网 needs to process data to take steps at your request prior to entering into employment and/or a contract of employment with you. 在某些情况下,我们需要处理数据,以确保我们遵守法律义务. 例如, 在雇佣开始之前,需要检查成功的申请人在英国工作的资格.

365游戏网 has a legitimate interest in processing personal data during the recruitment process and for keeping records of the process. Processing data from job applicants allows us to manage the recruitment process, 评估和确认候选人是否适合工作,并决定雇用谁. 我们可能还需要处理求职者的数据,以回应和应对法律索赔.

365游戏网可以处理特殊类别的数据, 比如关于种族起源的信息, 性取向、宗教或信仰, 监察招聘统计数字. We may also collect information about whether or not applicants are disabled to make reasonable adjustments and/or accommodations for candidates who have a disability.

必须对这些信息进行处理以履行其义务和行使特定的权利 就业的关系.  We will not use your data for any purpose other than the recruitment 你申请的练习.

  1. 谁有访问数据的权限?

你的资料可能会在公司内部共享,以供招聘之用. 这包括招聘经理, the HR Manager and with any members of staff involved in the recruitment process.

我们不会与第三方共享您的数据, 除非你的求职申请成功,我们会给你一份工作. We will then share your data with former employers to obtain references for you.

365游戏网 will not transfer your data outside the European Economic Area, 然而, the ATS in which your data is held is “cloud based” and may be accessed by those outside of the European Economic Area for purposes as described above. ATS有密码保护,由365游戏网内部具有雇佣授权的用户使用.

  1. 365游戏网如何保护数据?

必须重视数据的安全性. We have internal policies and controls in place to ensure that your data is not lost, 不小心毁了, 滥用或披露, and is not accessed except by our employees in the proper performance of their duties.

  1. 365游戏网保存数据多长时间?

如果你的求职申请不成功, 我们将在相关招聘程序结束后将您的数据存档12个月.

如果你的求职申请成功, personal data gathered during the recruitment process will be transferred to your Employee file and retained during your employment. 您的数据将被保存的时间将在新的隐私通知中提供给您.

  1. 你的权利

作为数据主体,您拥有许多权利. 您可以:

  • 应要求查阅及索取你的资料副本;
  • 要求强制更改不正确或不完整的资料;
  • 要求必须删除或停止处理您的数据, 例如 where the data is no longer necessary for the purposes of processing; and
  • object to the processing of your data where 365游戏网 is relying on its legitimate interests as the legal ground for processing.

如果你想行使这些权利,请 (电子邮件保护). If you believe that 365游戏网 has not complied with your data protection rights, 你可以向信息专员投诉.

  1. 如果您不提供个人资料怎么办?

在招聘过程中,您没有法定或合同义务向365游戏网提供数据. 然而, 如果您不提供这些信息, we may not be able to process your application properly or at all.